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Identify all species on site

Today, I visited a multi-family (strata) site for the first time and one species we couldn't fully remember was the Creeping raspberry. I knew it was Rubus but the specific epithet escaped me. Until I sat down to compose this blog post. The full species name is Rubus calycinoides. In...


Removing crossing branches

Removing crossing branches is best done in winter when the full tree crown is in view. I removed this crossing branch today while checking trees on site; and removing any branches too close to buildings. Do you see the offending branch on this Acer griseum (Paperbark maple)?. It's a...


Winter training: tree pruning 101

It's a huge advantage when professional landscapers are ISA certified arborists. Since I'm the only ISA certified arborist at my day-job company, I get to have more fun when others are looking for landscape work in the soggy West Coast January landscape. I had fun today showing a newly promoted...